SUPER DEMOCRACY - The Senate of Things

Three cultural institutions enter into a dialogue with the Belgian Senate during the exhibition SUPERDEMOCRACY, which is on display throughout October. BPS22 in Charleroi, BOZAR in Brussels and M HKA in Antwerp provide a cultural dimension to the Senate’s current issues.

1.10.2017 - 31.10.2017

Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven / AMVK

(c)video still: AMVK
Nursing Care, in Melancholy Stupor, 1999
Video , variable dimensions, interactive
computer animation

"Theme: melancholy and how to make it a positive force.

The animation was the main theme of “Nursing Care, in Melancholy Stupor”, the fourth show of the HeadNurse cycle, which started in 1995. The HeadNurse cycle is a “Sex & Technology” project, using the therapeutic strength in beauty and has as subtitle: “Elasticity at Home”. It is an alchemistic attempt to undisclose the corrupted alliance in massmedia between the commercialization of lust and the banalisation of violence.

Using the structure of Baroque music and philosophy, the movies of “Nursing Care, in Melancholy Stupor” are impregnated by the essence of Leibnizer philosophy: the criterium of substance is its activity, its power.

The alchemist state of this work is situated in the phase of ‘glowing out’: the battle between dark and light, the diagonale. Mixing virtuosity, calculation and emotion."


Sound: samples of soundtrack of Bladerunner + environemental sound

Contributors: Marc Vanrunxt and Tom Barman

Interactivity: Danny Devos

Producer: Club Moral