SUPER DEMOCRACY - The Senate of Things

Three cultural institutions enter into a dialogue with the Belgian Senate during the exhibition SUPERDEMOCRACY, which is on display throughout October. BPS22 in Charleroi, BOZAR in Brussels and M HKA in Antwerp provide a cultural dimension to the Senate’s current issues.

1.10.2017 - 31.10.2017


Berlanger senaat2 image: (c) M HKA, Collection BPS22
La M├ęduse / l'Autruche, 2015
Print , 2 x (280 x 220 cm)

Playing with the relationships between the real and the imaginary, seeing and looking, La Médusa and L’Autruche (2015) represent a gille de Binche; or rather let him be imagined, since only the ostrich feathers that adorn his headdress are visible. Created in a slight gradient from purple to blue, the touch is more affirmed in the shadows but never completely coloured in order to create a space, a depth. Small white dots remain perceptible in order to let light penetrate and recall the photographic origin of the motif. The lower part of the canvas is composed of bomb-painted features covered, not without some violence, with white paint. This division of the painting is reminiscent of the technique of collage, generating optical and tactile contradictions for the viewers and thus disturbing their perception of the work.