SUPER DEMOCRACY - The Senate of Things

Three cultural institutions enter into a dialogue with the Belgian Senate during the exhibition SUPERDEMOCRACY, which is on display throughout October. BPS22 in Charleroi, BOZAR in Brussels and M HKA in Antwerp provide a cultural dimension to the Senate’s current issues.

1.10.2017 - 31.10.2017


image: (c) M HKA, Collection Province de Hainaut / Dépôt BPS22, Charleroi.
Peinture Cérébrale, 1989

In 1988, under a pseudonym, he presents Peintures-Schilderijen, a collection of 15 artists invented from scratch (with supporting biographies) with as proclaimed objective to break with styles, creating confusion and interpreting artistic currents in implosive scenarios.

It is during that period that he made his large installations combining painting and objects, around general themes, emphasising the manipulations that images can serve, including in the artistic field. Humour and poetic evocation, however, prevent the work from appearing unnecessarily moralizing. Thus, from the adjective ‘cerebral’, often used by art critics, he imagines the pictorial painting style referring to it and adds a ceramic brain, placed on a pedestal.